Construction Material Management System (CMMS)

The Construction Material Management System (CMMS) integrates international supply chain and logistical solutions into one platform. It provides customers with customized, state-of-the-art, web-based systems, backed by dedicated human capital and onsite assets. This improves efficiency and field productivity, reduces costs, and requires less infrastructure.

  • Supply Chain Management
    links participants in the electrical materials supply chain including engineering, purchasing, accounting, construction management and vendors.
  • Logistics Management
    enables the management of procurement, sourcing, warehousing, inventory, delivery and onsite distribution.
  • Reporting
    allows customers to track progress online and get custom reports in real time, any time.
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QCLNG, APLNG, and GLNG - Curtis Island

The most effective way to control project costs is to handle the complete material management from beginning to end.

  • Plan
    CMMS uses the customer’s Construction Schedule to create the Purchase Schedule for Material, the Production Schedule for Manufacturers and ultimately the Work Plan for the Release of Material.
  • Identify
    A detailed, comprehensive Individual Electronic Project Catalogue is built listing the specific products to be used throughout the project.
  • Quantify
    Wholesale Electric Asia uses their unique combination of field construction experience and product knowledge to produce an accurate and detailed Material Take Off (MTO) from the electrical drawings.
  • Release
    Electronic release of material to the construction crew on an as-needed basis reduces project investment and field material management costs as well as material surplus.
  • Review
    Real-time, any-time access to the project file is available via our web-based system, making global project management easier and more efficient. The configurable components of CMMS allow customers to tailor our system to fit their specific project and reporting requirements.